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Gibons Ferry, British Columbia

Bridal Falls, British Columbia

Fire in the sky

Afternoon writing session

Nothing like a quiet afternoon of playing guitar.

Small Town New Brunswick

This is a photo of the Covered Bridge in Hartland, NB. Its claim to fame is that it is the longest covered bridge in the World. Covered bridges used to be plentiful in the valleys of the New Brunswick countryside, but now are becoming more rare. Hartland is one of those nice small towns with
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Matthew Good

I have always been a huge fan of pretty much anything that Matthew Good has released. I had the pleasure of meeting him once when we were both appearing on the Mike Bullard Show in Toronto. He was a really great guy and very down to earth. This photo was taken when he appeared at
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Carolyn Holyoke

This is a shot from a photo shoot that I did with Canadian songwriter and recording artist Carolyn Holyoke. The photo was taken in Old Government House in Fredericton, NB.

Fall colours

This is one of my favourite photos that I have taken. I was driving in my car and saw this scene with the light hitting it perfectly. Naturally I had to pull over and take a snap of it.

Life of a photographer

One of the downfalls of being a photographer & designer is that you normally get so overwhelmed with projects for clients, that you really don’t have much time left over for managing or editing your own stuff. Then when you finally get time to do them, you ending up doing something completely different (like writing
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Summer Fireworks in New Brunswick

This summer we had such a great time doing things with our kids. Lots of great adventures & memories. This photo was taken when we took our daughter to see her first fireworks show at the annual St Ann’s Festival in Kingsclear, NB. We were really worried that she was going to be scared of them
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