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Life of a photographer

One of the downfalls of being a photographer & designer is that you normally get so overwhelmed with projects for clients, that you really don’t have much time left over for managing or editing your own stuff. Then when you finally get time to do them, you ending up doing something completely different (like writing this photoblog entry).

The second downfall to being a photographer is that you are always looking for that perfect shot. I am so guilty of this…look a pretty sky (click), cool moon shot (click), lightning…(click). I am so bad that I have actually had to stop carrying my camera with me because I always ended up with hundreds of landscape photos to sort through & edit.

Since a stopped carrying my camera, I have also stopped taking landscapes photos, which also means that I am doing far less of these photo-blogs updates. I guess that leaving my camera at home really isn’t the answer either.

I tried just bring my iPhone on walks with me, while it does take decent photos, I much prefer my Canon camera.

I guess finding a balance is maybe the answer?

This is one of the iPhone photos; this is the Keswick River river, close to my home.

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