Delectable Burger Photo Session - Derek McLaughlin

Delectable Burger Photo Session

This is one of my favourite photo sessions that I have worked on so far. I was contracted Mama’s Pub in Fredericton, NB to do this photo & design as an advertisement layout to appear in a magazine.

The really unique element with this shoot is that we really liked the way that the Mama’s Pub sign worked with the lighting, so we thought that it would be a great idea to try and incorporate it into the background of the photo. The only issue with this was that the sign was 8 feet in the air.

I decided to build a platform tower out of tables to propel our delectable burger & beverage treat so that it would appear in line with the pink glow of the Mama’s Pub sign. Of course moving the entire food layout 8 feet up in the air also meant that I had to move all of the lighting to match.

Everything went really smoothly and I was very pleased with the way that the session turned out. The most changeling part of the shoot turned out to be trying to stand on a 3+ foot bar stool, shooting photos from one angle and leaning to the other side, trying not to fall off the stool, crashing to the floor with my camera, all so that my reflection would not end up superimposed on the side of the frosty malt beverage.

One hour later, I wrapped the shoot happy that I had got the shot that I was looking for. Here is the final result.


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