The Bluenose II

We traveled to Lunenberg, NS during our summer vacation mostly to take photos and see the scenery. Lunenberg is home to the World famous Bluenose II (most of the time) so I was hoping that it would be around and that I would be able to get some photos. It’s an amazing ship and the really great thing is that you can actually go out for a tour on the ship (more on that later.)

We waited for this ship to come back into port for over an hour, which I know doesn’t really seem like a long wait but at the time my wife was 6 months pregnant and was quite tired. Did I mention that I have the Worlds best wife? Seeing how excited I was at the opportunity to photograph the ship coming back into port, she agree to tough it out and wait for it to return. 

I had never actually seen the ship in person and it was really quite something to see as it came into view over the horizon and glided ever so graciously up to the docks. We wanted to go out on the boat for a tour, but I tend to get quite sea sick on these types of boats. Needless to say, we didn’t go.

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